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Virtual lightweight option

Staffordshire materials technology company, Ceram, is now able to offer design optimisation as part of its lightweighting service, allowing thousands of lightweight product designs to be explored virtually before optimal designs are selected and turned into prototypes.
Ceram’s materials development team works with clients to develop products that are lighter, with the benefit of less material and often less energy being used to produce them.  Not only does this result in cost savings, but can also lead to the development of novel products.
Thanks to their materials expertise, the team can use the software quickly and effectively to define parameters and performance characteristics and to shortlist the most appropriate designs according to application.
Oliver Skipper, Product Manager, Materials at Ceram says:
“The optimisation software allows us to develop and test designs virtually, reducing the number of real-life prototypes that have to be produced.
“What we end up with is the optimal version of the product – one that uses the optimum amount of materials to produce the optimum performance.”
To find out more and to download Ceram’s free white paper on lightweighting visit www.ceram.com/lightweight.


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