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New spreader from mogensen

mogensenMogensen has introduced its largest yet vibratory spreader feeder designed to accept a feed from a relatively narrow, high-speed source such as a conveyor belt, and divide it accurately between two following items of process equipment spreading the process material evenly across the whole width of each unit. The new machine weighs 8.8 tonnes, and is driven by two counter-rotating Invicta vibrators, which provide a linear vibration stroke of 8 mm.: it is designed to serve two 3-metre wide machines such as vibratory screens, conveyor-type fluid bed driers, which require an evenly-spread feed at a low velocity to enable them to operate at their optimal efficiency. Spreader-feeders are also used to supply a carefully controlled flow of feed material to magnetic drum separators, and computerised optical and X-ray sorting machines, which require an evenly spread, single item thick “curtain” of feed to be presented to the illumination source and sensors. Mogensen now offers a complete range of spreader feeders comprising models designed to present a controlled, evenly-spread feed to subsequent single process equipment items 1m,1.5m, 2m and 3m wide and to the same range of four options in the double feeder version.
In addition to its spreader feeders Mogensen supplies a comprehensive selection of vibratory process equipment, not only vibratory feeders and conveyors but also vibratory and static screens, Sizers and grizzlies. Machines are available in mild or stainless steel execution, with or without dust enclosures, and in heat and/or wear resistant versions. Smaller machines are available in food-quality finish.


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